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HOW TO ENRICH YOUR ENGLISH VOCABULARY We all know learning English is very important today. As an English learner, you surely want to use English fluently. The first step towards that goal is to have a rich vacabulary. Though many find it difficult to gain a large vocabulary, how to enrich your English vocabulary is really simple. The first thing you have to do is to determine what field of words to learn. This means that not all words are worth learning. If you think this step is silly and skip it, you will become so greedy that you want to learn every new word but soon realize the impossibility to do so. As study has shown, for each individual only 2% of 500.000 English words are enough to use in both social contacts and working alone with professional materials. Therefore, your rich vocabulary should only include about 10.000 words relating to your regular uses. After deciding the field of words you mainly use, you make a plan of learning. Let you bel Continue...

Any good plan should answer the four following questions. If you say 'Yes, I do,' and patiently follow the process, you will see your vocabulary get extended very well. Otherwise, your study result won't be as expected. ieve such a plan is truly important, and make it seriously. In addition to materials, you also have to have a notebook with your own note-taking rules. According to this, you learn words by understanding how they relate to each other. You have to divide them into groups, think about charts and diagrams to show the word relations. As soon as your learning method is chosen you can start the last and most important step: practise your plan and method. When you have already had a complete plan, you need to think about choosing your own learning methods, or the way to help you remember new words. To begin with, you must get some essential materials which are a good dictionary for looking for words and a book specially designed to help you improve your vocabulary. Though this method is easy to follow, it helps only when you want to learn a few words in a short time and remember them for a short time too. Hence, it is suitable for beginners. And though it is up to you that 'regular' means daily or weekly or monthly, daily is better than weekly and weekly is better than monthly. Though the task consume much time, you can learn much more of words and remember them for a long time.