Are rules necessary ?

             My opinion on this issue is that I do think that rules are necessary; there are a lot of reasons why we need rules in our society. Legal and non-legal rules are both needed in our community. Most legal rules are enforced to keep the individuals of this society to feel safe, to make them know that walking down the street is not dangerous; the effect is it makes people be able to live their life without worrying if they are going to be in danger. There are rules everywhere in this community, the roads, home, religion, family, school and also social clubs, and in this essay I shall demonstrate why exactly rules are necessary.
             An example of a legal rule and its punishment in this society is murder, killing someone is the most disgusting act anyone can imagine. The punishments for murder is 25 years to life in jail and also in some other countries if committing death earns death, and they shall get hanged. Sometimes people commit murder on accounts of manslaughter and some accounts are in as self defence, a popular definition would say that it is the deliberate killing of a person, but most people don't regard self defence as murder. It is also a measure for governments to order people to kill others (in times of war for example), and people are more inclined to kill to order if the murder label is removed. Well back on track again, the punishments for murder, helps individuals in this society feel safe and make criminals more aware of what they are facing when they commit a murder. But the punishment doesn’t necessarily stop criminals from not killing. We can’t have murderers running lose around the streets, so locking them away is increasing the safety in the society. Having criminals in jail creates discipline and teach the criminals why they are in jail in the first place, they should all be thought a lesson.
             Rape is another legal rule that I think has a good reason why the criminals that commit these hideous crimes should be l

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