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Scout is a young girl growing up in Southern Alabama during the 1930s. She narrates the story as an adult looking back on three difficult years of her childhood. It is advantageous to tell the story from Scout’s point of view. Scout draws the reader’s attention to the way adults treat one another. An example of this would be people’s attitudes toward ‘Boo’ Radley and Tom Robinson. They were both victims of people’s prejudice. Scout’s observations of this are effective because she is noticing them for the first time. Being a child, she is unable to fully understand why adults behave in an irrational manner. Her lack of understanding adds a simplistic naivety to her narration. Scout sees things from an unbiased point of view. This can be seen many times when she is describing “the simple hell people give other people” (Lee 201). Scout is portrayed as more sensible than most of the adult characters because she has an open outlook on life. When it comes to basic human morals, only Scout can teach the adults a thing or two about it. Scout’s opinions on people and events are formed from what is familiar to her. For example, Atticus’ high moral character is not prejudice. This reflects strongly on Continue...

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The sense of directness is missing in other narrative styles. ... Children are children, but they can spot an evasion quicker than adults (Lee 87). Because Scout has grown up with Calpurnia in her house, she sees Negroes as hard working and decent individuals who are not to be feared. Because the novel is written in first person, it gives a more personal feeling. Her style is very truthful and 'matter of fact'. Although the events did not always make sense to her, they remained in her memory. Her use of the word "morphodite (Lee 74) and her repetition of Atticus' views of entailments add a certain element of humor to the novel. Being a member of the Finch family, Scout gives the reader a clear view of the progression of Tom Robinson's case. She is able to provide the reader with a large amount of detail of how Atticus feels and the strain that the case is putting on him. Scout asks Atticus awkward questions about the case and he is always honest and open to her. Having a child as a narrator would not be satisfying to the reader if Scout were not an unusual child. At times, Scout can be a little bit flat, but her youthful and straightforward approach is valuable in explaining complicated issues. What Tom Robinson was thinking during the trial and why her tried to escape would also be known as well as more of an explanation of how Tom Robinson's frame-up came to be.


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