War in Iraq was justified

             The war in Iraq was justified because of the thought of Saddam having or making weapons of mass destruction. Also, another reason for the war was the oppression that was happening to the Iraqi people. Some people think we shouldn’t have gone to war because of the amount of money that would be added to our budget. I believe that just the idea that Iraq having weapons of mass destruction was enough cause to go to war. Because of the idea that Iraq could or would be able to use these weapons against us, it is in our best interest to go to war to protect our nation and our children against these types of nations that are building their country around weapons of mass destruction. First, I will discuss some of the evidence and things found in Iraq since the war has started. This evidence comes from an article that was titled, “ Cutting both ways,” that appeared in the Economist Newspaper and it was written by David Kay. Secondly, I will discuss some of the oppression that was occurring in Iraq before the war. This evidence comes from an article from Current Affairs, titled, “The Middle East,” and was written by Ed Blanche. Thirdly, I will discuss some ideas about the cost of the war and how people might think that the war wasn’t worth the cost of the rise in our nation’s budget. These ideas about the budget will also come from the Economist Newspaper, the heading of the article appeared as such, “Iraq in a hard place; The budget,” it was written by Stan Greenberg.
             The article in the Economist Newspaper, written by David Kay, describes how inspectors found programs for undeclared unmanned aerial vehicles. Also, he mentions how they found research on biological agents and unknown laboratories that had equipment that could produce chemical and biological weapons. Also, another item that was found, fuel, that was for banned scud missiles. All of these items that were found and exposed were enough cause t...

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