Applying the Theory of Utilitarianism within the Nursing Hom

             On fall break of 2004, October 19, I went to the White Oaks Nursing Home. I went there to volunteer and visit an old friend of the family. While there I did a lot of observing. I began to think of the Utilitarianism Theory and how it applies to some of the ethical issues dealt with in the nursing homes. The utilitarianism theory simply states that we ought to produce the most happiness or pleasure that we can and reduce suffering and unhappiness. According to the principle of utility, what is morally right is based on that which promotes the most amount of happiness. In other words, if you are not doing something which brings happiness then, it is not morally right, but if it is what brings you the most amount of happiness then it is right.
             While at the nursing home, I thought about if the Utilitarianism Theory was the best theory to abide by when considering if something was morally right. I was observing a group of elderly ladies. It was movie time and they were suppose to be watching the movie. During movie time they are allowed a cup of popcorn all except for one lady named Miss Rosa. Well this particular day when popcorn was being passed out Miss Rosa began to get attitude. She began to curse the nurse out because she said everyday the nurse would give out popcorn and skip her and she was tired of it. She wanted some popcorn too. So, to get Miss Rosa to be quiet she just gave her some popcorn, but Miss Rosa is not allowed popcorn because of her health status. So to me, it was wrong of the nurse to give her some popcorn knowing that she was not suppose to have it. According to the theory of utilitarianism, what the nurse did was morally right because it was what promoted the most amount of happiness for both her and Miss Rosa. Miss Rosa was happy because she got some popcorn and the nurse was happy because Miss Rosa was no longer acting up.
             Things like this happen all the time where someone finds them self trying to figure o...

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