My career

             Some people have different goals than others. Some have career goals and some have ordinary job goals and others have school or academic goals. Picking a career is not as easy as it seems. To some people, picking a job based on money or a salary is very important. To others, being happy with a job is more important than money but it is not that easy to just jump in to a field of study and not be happy with it. I plan to pick my career based on my M.B.T.I scores, my personality, and on what I really want to get out of a career.
             We had a project in class called the M.B.T.I and it was very helpful to me and my findings. I found out a lot about myself. My score made me out to be an E S F P which all stands for: Extravert, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. This means that I am an outgoing, friendly and accepting person and am an exuberant lover of life, people, and material comforts. I enjoy working with others to make things happen and bring common sense and a realistic approach to work and at the same time make work fun. I am flexible and spontaneous and adapt rapidly to new people and new environments. I also learn best by trying new skills with others. I would like to put all of these characteristics into a career of my own. Some suggested jobs or career titles which have been suggested for me are: teacher, travel agent, emergency room nurse, performer, floral designer, photographer, dog obedience trainer, real estate agent, flight attendant, veterinarian, musician, receptionist, and secretary. All of these jobs sound very interesting but the career I am going more towards is Dental Hygiene. Dental hygiene has struck my attention in a weird sort of way. No one really wakes up and says wow I want to be a dentist. It is a different field of study but it interests me and I would like to have a career that I love to wake up every morning and not have to say “ I don’t want to go to work today!” Also I will be m

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