Life in a city vs. life in the Country

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Life in the city is often measured by material acquisitions driven by stressful, high paced work. No one stops to smell the roses, so to speak. Everyone is always hustling and bustling where they need to go and later complaining about all the stress in their day and that there’s no where or no time to go and relax. In the country, life moves at a slower pace with an emphasis on life and family values. The home is the center with life revolving around it rather than from it as in many city homes. Community involvement is a key factor in country living a concept lost in most city communities. Country communities are the best place to live and relax. In the city, life moves at a fast pace. Early fast paced mornings, quick breakfasts or cup of coffee, and out the door to work. Frustrating, congested commutes to and from the work place. Stressful working conditions with people that we never take time to get to know. Throughout the da Continue...

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Little to no physical activity plays a part in the city lifestyle leading to a sedentary work regime that leads to increased stress. Relaxation if any is in the evening, in front of the television, with a drink and little to no conversation that is meaningful. Everyone knows each other and talks about family and family events. The physical nature of the country day aids in the lowering of stress in the body and mind and in most jobs you can actually see the fruits of your labor as opposed to the city cubical lifestyle where little to no results are seen, ever. y moving from one place to another, talking on the phone, using a computer for hours on end, make the day drag on. At the end of the day relaxation comes with family and talk of the day's trials and tribulations around the dinner table. The community in the country is friendly and abounds with neighbor and neighbor interaction. A strong sense of ownership in the community is in everyone, contributing in every way possible to make a better life, a better community, a better family. Life in the country is more relaxing and personally more rewarding than life in the city. Mornings are early but with the family involved, breakfast is the start of the new day with discussion about the day's events to be tackled and learned. Working together is a big part of country communities, neighbor helping neighbor, not from a sense of having to but rather wanting to. The community is an extension of the country family, always there, and involved. Communities in the country are vibrant and living extensions of the family where as in the city family communities barely know each other let alone extend their lives together. Games and family interaction keep the family unit tight and together.


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