Evaluate the impact of the New Deal on women, blacks, and In

             The “New Deal” changed the lives of many United States citizens during the course of history. The people that it mainly impacted were women, blacks, and Indians. These groups developed what seemed like centuries worth of work for regular white men over these few years. Influential people emerged that would have otherwise remained in the shadows.
             Women were continually seeing new rights pop up, but few women were taken the provided chance to grasp them. First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the many women to take a stand during this time. Along with Molly Dewson they developed a group of women called “The Network” in order to place “reform-minded” women into cabinet and government jobs, expressing all of their rights as United States citizens. Frances Perkins became the first women elected to a Cabinet post as Secretary of Labor and encouraged other women to aspire to be like herself. Eleanor Roosevelt also helped encourage people by creating a daily newspaper article which she named “My Day,” which also showed women that making a difference, for example she was interested in civil rights, was worth it. She was willing to stick up for what she believed in, quitting the Daughters of the American Revolution, also known as DAR, to allow an African American women to sing in public.
             (Blacks) African Americans politically became Democratic, and began to leave the Republican party that only a few years earlier helped to relieve them from their horrible state of slavery. They were excluded from acts such as the National Recovery Administration, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, and some segregation began to increase. The blacks on average made half as much with unemployment rates that double that of whites. Many blacks believed that the small piece that they were getting was worth it. They had many new programs created to aide in their education and training for occupations, giving more advantages to their...

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