Inspector Goole

             What about Inspector Goole’s role in the play. How far is he a believable policeman? How does Priestly use the Inspector in the play?
             Inspector Goole is a police – inspector, in the play “An Inspector Calls” by J.B. Priestley. He’s a man of solidity and purposefulness. He is dressed in a plain darkish suit during that time. He has the habit of looking at people very hard right before he speaks to them. He’s around his 50’s just a typical police – inspector. But later on in the play he is seen way differently in many ways as he talks, he is more than a police – inspector. What makes Goole more mysterious, and questionable, is the significance of his name. The name Goole is a pun for the word “ghoul”, which is in supernatural beliefs, an evil sprit that feeds on the bodies of the dead. A “ghoul” is also a person who has the enjoyment of repulsive things such as pain, destruction, and death.
             The Inspector played many roles besides a police – inspector. He played the role of a continuous storyteller. As the story progresses on the murder of Eva Smith, after all the links of the family were put together, it made one heartbreaking story on what this family had done to this girl. For example, from pages 55 to 56, he adds up the causes of the death, and states that Mrs. Birling was the last person who pulled the trigger, to the first one Mr. Birling.
             “You turned her away when she most needed help” said the Inspector to Mrs. Birling.
             “She wanted twenty – five shillings a week instead of twenty – two and a sixpence. You made her pay a heavy price for that.” said the Inspector to Mr. Birling.
             The Inspector also played the role of a confessor. He could make people confess, verbally, as well as nonverbally. He didn’t have to lose his temper to make them confess. Page 41 of the Inspector Calls play script, is a great example, of the way he ma

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