The Right To Choose

             In today’s society, war is a huge debate due to the United States military presence in Iraq, as well as, other foreign parts of the world. Due to the U.S. government’s foreign policy, which has developed the U.S. into a country heavily dependent on its voluntary military, the U.S. soldiers have been serving time abroad well over their original tours of duty. This problem and the lack of volunteerism in the military has caused some to say that it is time for the United States to implement the military draft. Although implementing the draft would be an easy solution to a difficult problem, this solution may ultimately create more problems than it solves. There are three main reasons why the United States should not implement a military draft: First, there is no formal procedure for drafting that has proven to be successful. Second, there is no set standard for strongly enforcing the draft. Last, the use of a draft may only encourage further corrupt foreign policy by the United States government.
             During the Vietnam War of the 1960’s, the United States government implemented a military draft that proved to be extremely faulty in its method of selection. According to Russell T. Hurlburt, author of a commonly used college textbook titled, Comprehending Behavioral Statistics, the problem with the selection process of drafting in the Vietnam War was that the government used a “quasi-random sample,” rather than an actual random sample. Hurlburt points out that debate occurred when the U.S. government drafted men according to their birthdates, which were put into capsules and mixed in a glass bowl. The problem with this system was that it was not truly “random” due to the fact that statistically it was more likely for those with birthdates in the beginning of the year, such as January and February to be drafted first. Those with birthdates at the end of the year, like November and December, were least likely to be drafted. This ...

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