The Right To Choose

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In today’s society, war is a huge debate due to the United States military presence in Iraq, as well as, other foreign parts of the world. Due to the U.S. government’s foreign policy, which has developed the U.S. into a country heavily dependent on its voluntary military, the U.S. soldiers have been serving time abroad well over their original tours of duty. This problem and the lack of volunteerism in the military has caused some to say that it is time for the United States to implement the military draft. Although implementing the draft would be an easy solution to a difficult problem, this solution may ultimately create more problems than it solves. There are three main reasons why the United States should not implement a military draft: First, there is no formal procedure for drafting that has proven to be successful. Second, there is no set standard for strongly enforcing the draft. Last, the use of a draft may only encourage further corrupt foreign policy by the United States government. During the Vietnam War of the 1960’s, the United States government implemented a military draft that proved to be extremely faulty in its method of selection. According to Russell T. Hurlburt, author of a commonly used college textbo Continue...

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This image has not been beneficial for the U. Others will question whether or not women will be drafted. Hurlburt points out that debate occurred when the U. Although it is extremely sad to see that so many United States men and women in the military have had to suffer through extended tours of duty, the draft is not the best way to solve this problem. In fact, the young adults of today would probably be better prepared to rebel against a military draft due to the fact that they have had years of schooling that has given them the knowledge of the problems that can occur from the draft, as was learned from the Vietnam War. Implementing a military draft would definitely affect the personal lives of the young adults in the United States, who would then feel the need to speak out. Although laws would be set to enforce the draft, many would find ways around it legally or illegally that would help them escape without ever actually serving their time in the military. Perhaps the United States foreign policy should change to not be so reliant on the military, which does not have the strength in numbers that the U. Without all of these questions answered, it would seem impossible to implement a draft in the near future because there are no proper procedures that are sufficient enough to successfully do so. So, when is it time for them to move on The draft will only encourage these corrupt, faulty foreign policies because it will give more fuel to the military fire. Another reason that there should not be a draft in the United States is that it will be difficult, as it was in the Vietnam War, to enforce. This is not a fair system for those who are being forced to go to war simply because of when they were born. When humans are in charge, human error is always a possibility. If the cause was just, many more would choose to help their country; however, majority of those serving in the military today are of minority or lower-class status and joined in order to acquire a better education or financial opportunities.