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Hunters in the Snow “Hunters in the Snow” is a fiction story written by Tobias Wolf which was published in 1981. The story is about three men, Tub, Frank and Kenny, who decided to take a trip to the woods for hunting. But as the story develops, it revealed and gave us an impression of who the characters are. In the story, the author used indirect presentation in telling the story and in describing his characters. For that, he gave us an image and an explanation of the characters through their actions and not by telling us directly who they are, so the author left us wondering as to their true nature. The above three characters were distinctly described in the theme. The main protagonist in the story is Tub, a well-rounded character who appeared in the entire story from the begging till the end. His name Tub gives an impression of him of being overweight which was also clear when the author said “He ate both the sandwiches and half the cookies, taking his own sweet time.”(191). Also, as the story goes along, Tub appeared to be the antagonist who Frank and Kenny teamed up against making him out to be a follower and a victim for both Frank and Kenny. Tub in the story appeared to be married, but toward the end, the story Continue...

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Another obvious similarity in Frank's and Kenny's character was that they both owned a sense of humor which they revealed through their journey. But the worst scenario that Tub went through in the story was committing murder and taking the responsibility of shooting Kenny. Frank did not have that type of personality which made him different than both Kenny and Tub. Another character the three protagonists had in common was their impatience and their lack of self-control, as when Tub lost his control and shot Kenny. Mostly thorough out the story, the three characters had the same manners and attitudes in dealing with each other and with interacting with the surroundings. This symbolized that he was not a serious character who had a mind of a young boy. Their behavior was not unlike the average hunter. Kenny and Tub were both killers - Kenny shot the dog, and Tub ends up shooting Kenny. This quote from the story showed how harmful he was and how he did not have any mercy when he shot the dog. His name "Frank means truth, which suited his character in the story; he was always honest in what he said and what he did. The last main protagonist in the story was Kenny.