Effects of poverty on the family life

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Our lives consist of series of events. They influence not only our behaving and our life but also the life of our family members and their feats. Our behaviour is rotted to the circumstances that appear in our lives. There are always several possible ways how to deal with the situation. Also our family responds to our selection. All the aspects affect them too. But there is again a time for them to choose how to face it. And again their acting has the same force on the others. Life can really be a wicked circle. Tillie Olsen is drafting similar problem in her short story. In “I Stand Here Ironing” not much happens: the narrator irons some dresses and exchanges a few words with her daughter. But the real action is internal. Besides many other themes the author also illustrates how the poverty influences and changes the individual lives within one family. To start with the head of the family we have to refer to the biological father. He isn't mentioned in the story more than one time. But out of this one sentence we can learn quite enough. In those times, man was the one earning the money. He was the one feeding the family. He was the one clothing it. Continue...

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First one is to stay with the family and look into the wanting eyes with the self-reproach or he can choose the second one, which means to leave his loving wife and daughter. So she always has a reason why to stay at home ("Momma, you look sick. Like new father and new family: "I had to bring her to his family and leave her. And what about Emily How is she dealing with all the effects of the poverty Her mother is still at work. They all have just chosen their way. Mother always wants to love stiff, isolated and sick Emily but she isn't able to penetrate the wall. But fortunately, the story ends on a hopeful or at least prayerful note. But in spite of finding "a job hashing at night so she "could be with her days there were many situations that made her to give her daughter away. That suggests that he loves his family but he isn't strong enough to bear the burden of poverty.


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