Oedipus the King and Lysistrata Cultures and Values

             The Ancient Greek culture had many aspects. These cultures and qualities valued by the Greeks are seen throughout literature in many of the plays and stories written by the Greeks. From a democratic government, their belief about being morally accountable for their actions, religious beliefs of many gods and beliefs in myths, to the role that women play and the respect they give to the elders, all are apparent in Oedipus the King and Lysistrata. Whether reading Oedipus the King or Lysistrata you will notice certain cultures that demonstrate the ancient Greeks values and beliefs.
             Religion was a great part of the Greek Culture. Many of the works written during this time period were to be preformed at ceremonies so the gods would be pleased. They believed that the gods determined their fate and that their fate could not be changed. This was also apparent in the writings such as Oedipus the King. The priest in Oedipus said “Now we pray to you. You cannot equal the gods, your children know that, bending at your altar. But we do rate you first of men,”. This shows that although Oedipus is King and is thought or very highly, the gods rule first and foremost in the eyes of the Greeks. While showing respect for the King they are also showing their respect for the gods. If a god said something would happen it was believed and normally accepted as fate. Occasionally, however, one would try and change the fate of the gods. Laius ordered his newborn son killed to try and change the fate given him. “An oracle came to Laius one fine day … and it said that doom would strike him down at the hands of a son” “my son – he wasn’t three days old and the boy’s father fastened his ankles, had a henchman fling him away on a barren, trackless mountain.” Oedipus proved that fates can’t be altered as he stilled killed his father and married his mother as the oracle stated. This, as many other Greek myths, reinforced the belie...

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