Philippine: Rizal on Women

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In his letter "To the Young Women of Malolos (188). Philippine National hero Dr. Jose Rizal gave his views. Women in Malolos are like flowers without perfurme and fruits without sap. This mean that they are women which lack freedom to do what they want in their life, intellect to know their right as individual, and they strong will to fight if they are being abused. The fact is women are ignorant and slaves.But if only their eyes opened wide and see the welfare of the many, new hopes may awakened and victory is easy to reach. With this, there will be no longer Filipina stand with her head bowe Continue...

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According to Rizal, women in Malolos must be reasonable and open their eyes because they are the first to influence the consciousness of man. d, nor spending on her knees, nor in endless prayers, reading novenas, and practicing "awits" from the churc, because she is quickened by hope in the future. That nobody has the right to subjugate one another. Prepared the will of their children towards what is honorable, judged by standards, to all that is sincere and firm of purpose, love for fellowmen, and respect for God. This is what should the women in Malolos teach their children. With Rizal's letter to the young women of Malolos want to say is that, the women must reflect, see the situation of the country, and see how they can stand and crown theirselves with success and knowledge. Jose Rizal desire from the young women of Malolos. And the friars can no longer assert that they alone are responsible for their unjust order;because god gave us reason and will of our own to distinguish the just from unjust. No longer will the mother contribute to keeping her daughter in darkness. From above mention, Rizal what that the women in Malolos should be the one to open the eyes of their children so that they may guard their honor, love to their fellowmen, and they native land. Always put in their mind that it is better to die with honor that living with dishonor. That's why as the baby formed in their lap they must be able to bring up their child to be the image of the true God, not a blackmailing being God, but a god who is the father of us all, not like the friars.


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