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A Good Education As you get older you develop a theory of getting a good education. Getting a good education depends on the person. Your parents also play a part in preparing you to receive a good education. From the first day of school parents want their children to do well in school. They encourage their child to do homework, study, and help them when needed. Parents want the best for their children and will do anything to help them. Some people think that getting a good education depends on the school you attend. I do not agree with this statement. Just because someone sends their child to a private school d Continue...

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    Effects of a Good Education
    Effects of a Good Education. .... Some of the effects of getting a good education are high pay, good self-esteem and also your family will be proud of you. .... (364 1 )

    Balancing Between Technology and Education
    .... There are numerous examples to present but the point is that having a good education system means it needs to highly depend on the computer. .... (1206 5 )

    .... Likewise, a family from Cambodia left its dreadful homeland in hopes of giving their children "a good education and to be in a free country" (Richard 13). .... (1297 5 )

    Women’s Suffrage
    .... With out a good education it is very hard to get a well paying job. .... Also, I might not be able to go to college or get a very good education. .... (907 4 )

    .... In order for John to climb the social status, he realized that his only ticket out of poverty and his community is through a good education. .... (1704 7 )

I always had someone on my back making sure I was getting the grades they knew I was capable of getting. Going to intercity or suburban school also is looked at when determining who has received a good education. oes not make their education better than a child that has attended public school. A think a good education is what ever you make out of it. My high school was a public school in the intercity. Know I am attending college here at Walsh University. It might not have been the best school but I got through. Having good teachers that know what they are doing is also important. I did well in all my classes and graduated 4th in my class and was a member of the national honor society. In some of the classes we had teachers that didn't care about the students and in others there was some who did. Getting help when needed can also help better your education. Our system may not be the best in numbers but I have managed to make it through. I know that I wanted to receive my diploma so I knew getting good grades was what I had to do. If you have a teacher that you can not follow then what is the point of trying to learn.


COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION: GOOD OR BAD? Writing for. COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION: GOOD OR BAD? Writing for ôIBM News,o Bill Luse, Vice (603 2 )

Teaching Sex Education in Schools
transmitted diseases. Both these problems can be readily avoided with a little common sense and some good education. Point 1 - Improve (1994 8 )

Philosophy of Education
has been intentionally transmitted in a morally acceptable manner."[19] At the core of my philosophy of education is the belief that good Christian educators (3056 12 )

Leadership in Education
that are part of my duties and responsibilities as a special education program specialist. the above tasks, it should be noted that they involve a good deal of (1669 7 )

Societal Factors Impact on Higher Education
Students from wealthier families generally place a greater emphasis on the need for higher education and strive to attain good grades. (1492 6 )

Philosophies of Education
In How We Think Dewey maintained there are three essentials of good method in education: . A certain fund and store of experience and facts. . (3786 15 )