Journey of Life

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The guardians of a new life, my parents, begin to sketch out an imaginary map of the path they believe I should take in order to have a successful life. A "successful life" is defined by how victoriously the map holder completes the journey that is set before him or her. As soon as a child can comprehend the meaning of words, a map of the long and difficult journey, described with hope and admiration, is set before them. The maps other than physical are passed on by mouth through family, friends, and acquaintances describing their experiences and opinions about the routes that they had taken on their own personal journey. A journey is made up of one overall map and various smaller maps, telling of the alternate routes that are available. On the map of my journey, I was told not to fall into the City of Trouble Making, to stay on Honor Roll Road on the way to the City of College Degree, and continue on Career Road in order to end up at the town of Happiness and Security. My parents told me that I was expected to complete my journey of becoming a Nurse and becoming both financially and emotionally stable. My parents placed their dreams of success in my hands. No one in my family has graduated from college; therefore I a Continue...

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In actuality, the journey is no cup of tea, many try and fail and even try again with the same result. My mom and dad dreamed of graduating from college, but were unable to, because they had to make a living taking care of my two older brothers. Many forks in the road will come up, which will cause a delay; a dead end or a short cut. The maps given consist of different perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds. By my succeeding I will have lived their dream for them. The map I will accept will probably come from a combination of the two, making all three of our maps different. With that in mind, I strive for the best and stay devoted to accomplishing my goals. My parents have taught me that there is no easy way to get through life without hard work and dedication. By choosing a scarier road of entering the Advanced Academic Program, a group of courses such as Calculus and Physics were taught at a quicker pace and had a curriculum geared towards college, I made graduating with Honors a simpler task to accomplish. He is trying to live the life of a big city boy, but the erroneous detours are making it hard for him to achieve the lifestyle he desired. On the subject of dating, my father gave me a map that told me to date a person only once or twice, so I would avoid getting too serious with a man before graduating from college. The shortcuts in life are not always pointed out; instead hard work and sleepless hours disguise them. The larger cities complete a portion of the journey that was given to me by my parents. I chose an easy road of ditching school a few times to go home and watch The Maury and Sally Shows with my friends Christina, Valerie, and Jabrazia at my house. Instead he chose his own route down the path to Nowhere.


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