Euthanasia: a Merciful Death or Murder

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Do you know anyone with an incurable disease? Even if you don’t, I do. My uncle suffered a cruel and painful disease, also known as AIDS. He past away when I was young so I really did not understand the amount of excruciating pain that he lived with everyday, that just got worse as time progressed. I know now that he suffered for years, while he was awaiting death in his apartment in Columbus, Ohio. My grandmother remembers the pain and agony that her son had to go through. She still struggles everyday with the reality that her son had to die in such a way. My family and I believe that euthanasia should be legalized to end the suffering of the millions in excruciating pain throughout the world today. We also believe that dying is a process of living, but while living one should experience a worthwhile, fruitful, and quality life. I know you are probably wondering what is euthanasia, well there are many definitions but I selected the one I deem acceptable for myself. The Euthanasia Society of America, founded in 1938, defined euthanasia as the “termination of human life by painless means for the purpose of ending severe physical suffering” (Peck, 113). Euthanasia is death with dignity (Schwartz). Our attitudes Continue...

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The dying process created by the lack of hydration and nutrition is extremely painful and uncomfortable for a human being. How have we come to this in the free world I thought that this was a place to succeed and live your life to the fullest, not a place to die in excruciating pain without the help of relieving my pain by euthanasia. The idea that human life is sacred no matter the condition or the desire of the person seems to me irrational (Harris, 17). The people who think that it is immoral to make a rational decision about ending life certainly have the right to consider their own death in this light and to endure to the very end whatever pain awaits them and their families. But they have flowed over into the idea that it is their right also to control those others of us who view the matter differently. A doctor's most important duty is not to cause further pain and suffering and to end current pain and suffering (Bernards, 19). The best care should be available to everyone, as should the option of a quick, gentle, certain death with loved ones around when the suffering has become unbearable (Satris, 359). The statements are relevant and meaningful information that should definitely be acknowledged in the world today. Right to life implies a right to die (Chetwynd). However, the idea that each person's life is his own is too radical or too abstruse for consumption in the United States. Which do you choose a life of constant pain and misery or a quick and merciful end . Why is it not illegal to obtain help from a veterinarian, an animal doctor, to painlessly end our pets life but it is illegal to obtain help from our own medical doctor, a doctor for people, to painlessly end our own lives. Death control, like birth control, is a matter of human dignity. Why do we as human beings have to suffer When we have an injured or sick pet, no matter the species, we put them to rest peacefully, also known as putting them out of their misery.


Issue of Death and Euthanasia
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Euthanasia & the Protection of Human Dignity
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Issue of Euthanasia & Protecting Human Dignity
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Framing Euthanasia
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Pros & Cons of Euthanasia
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Importance of the Issue of Euthanasia
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