Hawking, Is Everything Determined

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Theories Of The Universe In Stephen Hawking’s essay “Is Everything Determined?” he discusses his thoughts on how things are determined in society. Arguments arose in recent times that determinism has been based on science. It almost seems as if a set of laws exist that govern how the universe develops in time. Hawking states that there should be a set of laws that determines the evolution of the universe from its initial state and God may have ordained these laws. Hawking’s first problem is that a grand unified theory determines everything in the universe by mathematical terms, since an equation is very simple it should account for the theory of everything. The second problem with the idea of everything being determined by a grand unified theory is that anything anyone says would also be determined the theory. The third problem with that idea of with the idea a grand unified theory would be that everyone feels as if they have free will and they have the freedom to choose whether to do something, but it is argued that if everything is determined by laws of science, than free will must be just an illusion. “Is Everything Determined” speaks for society and gives us an idea about interpreting why and how things Continue...

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Hawking thinks that a test should be given to everyone to distinguish whether an organism has free will. This effect has made evolution speed up. "Is Everything Determined taught me different theories known to humans. The principle says that one cannot measure both position and speed of a particle to great accuracy, the more accurately one measures the position, the less accurate the speed would be. The way Hawking wrote this essay made it easy to understand because it is in order of what he states in the first couple paragraphs, this made it very easy to follow and less confusing. I agree with Hawking very much on his issue with free will I believe that humans should take responsibility for their actions, but his other theories are hard to understand and to agree with. The key is the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics. The third problem discusses free will. The biggest objective test of free will would be if one could predict the behavior of an organism. The problems are much more urgent because of the possibility that society might find a complete unified theory in less than twenty years. This was such a big advancement that creatures that correctly noticed the implications of data gathered by their sense of organs would let them survive and be able to reproduce without problems. The histories would also correspond to a smooth expanding universe and would differ on tiny details like how would be on the cover of magazines. The first problem of how things are determined is very much related to mathematical terms and equations.


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