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The Importance of Family In every culture values, norms and lifestyles differentiate. However, there’s one aspect of every society that does not differ greatly, the importance of family. The role of family is important in every society because it is the main foundation and structure of society itself. John Steinbeck’s novel “Grapes of Wrath”, expresses the significance of family very strongly and delivers an unbelievably stunning story from a family viewpoint of life struggle the migrants went trough when forced of off their land. I have experienced a similar situation where my family was forced to leave our part of the land in Bosnia, and there was nothing left we had after we left the country, but the family. From this experience, it was easy to understand the importance of Steinbeck’s family the Joad’s who were on a journey for the better life. The role of family plays a very important role in “Grapes of Wrath”, showing the passage of the inner family to a construction of family of families, the society. We as human beings do whatever it takes to protect and provide for the good of our family. When times get rough and difficult, everybody looks up to family for love and support, and the families in th Continue...

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Steinbeck describes that families did everything to protect their own family, even if it meant destruction of other families. I believe that this is one of the most important aspects of the novel because it shows the massive power of love and leadership of the family Ma controlled. After some time on the road, Grandpa dies suddenly of a stroke early on the journey. As Tom reaches Uncle John's house to meet Ma and the rest of the family, everybody expresses extraordinary emotion, particularity Ma. Steinbeck tied the family with the whole society together through the demonstration of the family-workers establishing a common ground with each other. Unexpectedly, the tractor drivers ignore the tenants completely even though some of the them happen to be the tenant family's close friends and neighbors, they showed no sympathy toward the tenants, saying that they have families to feed and the ruining of the land is out of necessity because of that, even if it comes at the expense of dozens of other families. This marks the first one of the many setbacks, however the family pulls together and because of their family pride they decide to give him the most proper burial they can afford. Ma is always the one who cares for everybody and makes sure that everybody is fed, clothed and healthy. She was the only to understand, while they have no home no more, the only thing they have left in the world is each other and she would do whatever necessary to keep the family together. It has been quite a while since Ma has seen Tom and when she does her joy seems so powerful that almost puts her to cry. Here again during the funeral there is a great deal of love not only from the Joads but from the Wilsons as well. She also realized that if she shows fear or despair, the whole family could collapse. After joining up, the two groups become a single family unit However, again the family faced a risk of separation, when the car breaks down and the family is unable to continue the journey. " Casy willingly goes to jail in order to protect and show respect for the Joad family.


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