Pleasure in Reading

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PLEASURE IN READING Man is pleasure loving. He seeks pleasure in everything .There are many means and sources of pleasure .But the pleasure got from reading is the best .Happy is the man who has acquired the habit of reading when I he is young . He has secured a life long source of pleasure ,instruction a and inspiration. So long as he has his beloved books he need never feel lonely .He will never be bored in the his life. Poor indeed is the man who does not read and empty is hi life . The pleasure we get from reading books new papers and magazines is unique in man ways . When ever is bored and depressed he can always pick up books and enjoy readings T Continue...

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While light reading like fiction relaxes the mind ,serious reading provides food for thought and gives us knowledge , education and information . We also must read do serious reading for the mind Reading such books gives us not only pleasure but also education. But reading just such books are not enough . Books are the most faithful of friends ,our friends may change but our books are always patiently and faithfully waiting to talk to us . There is no aspect of life which is not covered by books . he blessings and advantages of readings are many provided we choose the right kind of books . reading teaches ,educates and reforms us. Some books are simply read fro pleasure and amusement for example good novels comics story books and magazines etc . Our preferences should be for healthy, moral ennobling and entertaining reading . We should avoid the bad books and magazines . Bad company whether of books and men is undesirable. Reading disciplines our mind thoughts and bodies and help us in developing concentrations . books links us with past and present .


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