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Darwin and Freud

Darwin and Freud Darwin and Freud have their own ideas about different issues on human behavior. Using supportive evidence to show how each author think human behavior is really like. Darwin believes humans have a purpose in life by finding food, reproducing and avoiding being killed before being able to reproduce. When humans were first on earth they lead a Nomadic life. Nomadic lives are basically hunter and gathers. The community travels together and follows the herds as they move from water source to water source. The community only makes what they need for they have to pack everything quickly and be able to keep traveling. Hunting and gathering takes up all their time not allowing time for new inventions and technology. Eventually communities were able to establish permanent communities near a body of water. As time progressed inventions were made to help improve everyday life and tools to help with the labor doing everyday work. The human behavior is to stick together in order to survive. Darwin talks about the struggle for existence. Natural selection is crucial to human behavior. Charles Darwin said, “Natural selection acts exclusively by the preservation and accumulation of variations, which are beneficial under the organic and inorganic conditions to which each creature is exposed at all periods of life. The ultimate result is that each creature tends to become more and more improved in relation to its conditions” (IH 254). When Europeans first came over to the United States, Native Indians started to get diseases from them and a lot of the Indians died because there was no cure. It was because the Indians were never exposed to the new diseases being brought over from Europe. Europeans had no problem because there bodies were already immune against the diseases. Only the strong survive and reproduce therefore weeding out the weak. Human behavior is the natural wanting to overcome other races, thinking there race is s...

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