Elements of romantic literature

             The Romantic Period began around 1798 and ended around 1832, and is known for writers such as Emily Dickinson, Williams Wordsworth and Walt Whitman. These writers, along with the other writers of the Romantic Period wrote with a style that had seven basic elements. The seven basic elements included: 1) Reaction against authority of reason .2) Revived appreciation of natural beauty. 3) Interest of country and rural life and its people. 4) Interest of past, primitive, and medieval. 5) Interest of other lands especially exotic lands. 6) Interest of elements of melancholy, and 7) Preoccupation of idea of revolution. Each of the elements played its own role in characterizing the Romantic Period.
             First, we will look at the reaction against authority of reason that the Romantic Period took on. The writers of this time wanted to be free but yet, didn’t consider the kind of world we would live in if everyone would follow this. The reaction could have come from England, as a country, at this time. England was pulling away from being an agricultural society due to the overwhelming increase of industrial society that was being moved in. Some of the examples of the somewhat of an “uprising” from authority would be how many of the romantic period writers attacked and questioned rules.
             Next, the Romantic Period writers showed a revived sense of appreciation of natural beauty. This was most likely the most noticeable of the elements of this period. Writers began writing about more simple things such as what was around them, nature. In Walt Whitman’s “Bivouac on a Mountain Side” it shows many examples of the appreciation to nature that he had. “Below a fertile valley spread,”; “And over all the sky… the eternal stars.” These are just a few lines that show how the poets appreciated nature and its beauty so much. Many of the poets/writers indulged in alcohol and drugs which could be somewhat of an answer to why ...

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