Edwin Long

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Art is a talent acquired by experience, study, or observation learning that requires the conscious use of skillful and creative imagination. A piece of artwork reflects the culture that created it, though this might not be apparent to its contemporary observers. Art heavily depends on context. The available materials, subjects, themes, metaphors, politics, and technology influence the creation of painting. The audience's insight into a work improves as an understanding of the artist's culture grows. In this essay, I will give a brief overview of Edwin Long’s life, discuss the events that were occurring during the time he painted Vashti Refuses the King’s Summons, and explain the story behind this painting. Edwin Long was born in Bath in the year of 1829. Edwin’s father was an artist therefore; he “had an early and precocious talent for drawing” (Bills 12). He began his career as a portraitist and in his youth, he twice tried to enroll at the Royal Academy Schools. However, was refused entry due to deficiencies in his drawing. He then decided to move back to Bath because of the setbacks. He visited Spain in 1857, on the advice of John Phillip, who was his teacher (22). Edwin listened to John and visited the cou Continue...

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He became the immediate predecessor of the High Victorian Classicists chief. On the seventh and closing day of the festivities Ahasuerus, who is the king, summons his wife Vashti to appear before him at a men"tms banquet to show of her beauty. The popularity of Long"tms work enabled him to own two houses in Hampstead. He was very impressed and interested in the work of Murillo. The story of the painting of Vashti Refuses the King"tms Summons began with the king of the Medes and Persians who domain extended from Ethiopia to India and encompassed 127 provinces (Maas 54). In the time span of the late 1880"tms, many events occurred, which changed society dramatically. Her hair is parted in the middle with two braids on each side. The reason he would want to provoke the people"tms emotions because they were already affected by the Industrial Revolution. Long is a Romantic painter because if you look at his painting of Vashti Refuses the King"tms Summons you see the strong colors, vivid contrasts of dark and light colors, and complex compositions. The direction it took made him become an orientalist painter. He started to develop large historical works illustrating passages from the bible and the customs of the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Egypt (32). They were strong in detail and often on canvases of large size, allowing him to show long processions and enormous palaces. Contrary to custom and expectation, she refuses to attend and gives no reason for her refusal (54). The first automobiles with gasoline powered internal combustion engines were completed almost simultaneously in 1886 by German inventors working independently (Davis 363). The walls of the room are decorated with pictographs and so is the floor.