A Critical Appreciation of

             "Those Winter Sundays," is a poem about a son remembering his father. The poem seems to be a lament of the fact that the son, at the time could not perceive his father's expressions of love. The father is a hard worker who worked everyday even on Sundays. It is clear that there was distance and between the son and his father. It is discovered though, that love actually was present. The depth of the father's love is expressed in the fact that despite his hard work six days a week, despite his "aching hands"; he wakes up early on cold Sundays to warm the house. He never calls anyone to come down until the rooms are already warm. In addition to this, he polishes his own son's shoes. Hayden is upset at himself for not being more appreciative for his father, and all the sacrifices he has made. It is possible, that the poet has come to understand this childhood experience by eventually finding himself in the role of the father.
             The action takes place in winter. Obviously, the family is poor, since the father cannot take time off from work to permit his "cracked" hand to heal. On one hand, the father is a hard worker and a devoted loving father. However, he can not express his love openly. On the other hand, the son is indifferent and uncaring. It seems that he doubted his father's love, or it could be as a child, he assumed love had to be expressed in a certain, more obvious way. It is not until the speaker has grown older that he realizes that love is often expressed silently and indirectly. Thus, the poet is a dynamic character, since he has a feeling of remorse. The poet's choice of words serves as an excellent example of his skill with language. The adverb "too" reveals the father's love and sacrifice. For, he wakes up early, even on Sundays. The elements of self-sacrifice are clear as the father disregards his own "aching" hands, wakes up "early" even in cold weather, warms the house, polishes his son's shoes, an...

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