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Materialism in Today’s Society In today’s society, materialism takes part in every person’s life, no matter what social class they are. The idea of being materialistic can be considered immoral, but there is a fine line between morality and personal interests. It is safe to say that everybody is materialistic to a certain extent, whether it be from buying the same brand of jeans because they fit nice, to purchasing a wide variety of hot rods. It is obvious that the latter of the two is the one which can be considered to cross the line. Buying some nice clothes here and there is normal for people and everybody does it once in a while. While on the other hand, buying 5 or 6 sports cars can be considered somewhat pretentious. There are many factors that go into a person being immoral based on the materials that they have. Greed and excessive luxuries are what can determine the immorality of a person. Growing up in a fairly affluent community, it was easy to distinguish the differences amongst different social classes and the way which they present themselves in the community. Although most of the people in my town were for the most part financially secure, the way they presented themselves wa Continue...

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If somebody is born into a family with old money, they take what they have for granted. They try to cut around every corner to possibly save money, but at the same time they are clearly being immoral. Some could not even bring themselves to think about the subject. This leads back to the idea of excess money possibly leading to an immoral way living. Many of these heathens would take advantage of their place in the financial hierarchy in the town. They grow up in a lifestyle where dropping thousands of dollars on random trinkets is normal, so it is easy to see why they replied to the question the way they did. For the few fortunate enough to already be on the other side, they do not really have any other side to look to since they depend so greatly on their materialistic possessions. The fact that they would not know how to live without the abundance of money they have is sad. It is the same with everything, from the cars they buy to the palace of a house that they live in. The thousands of dollars that were spent on cars could have been put towards their child's education, but if it is spent of something of worth, it is not as bad as blowing it on materialistic needs. It is a shame what an excess amount of money can do to a person, but unfortunately it is inevitable for most of them. Everybody is very cordial and does not flaunt their material possessions. This is a perfect example of when people take advantage of the money they have, when in reality they "farm that they live on only has one or two chickens. If everybody else can live happy with the money they make, which is nowhere near the bank accounts of the extremely wealthy, there is no reason why the extremely rich could not.


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