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What Is Education?

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What Is Education

What is education? No one can really put one definition on it. Getting an education involves more then just sitting quietly at a desk, listening to someone else telling you what to think. It is making the student able to function normally and successfully in his/her family, community, and his/her world. It gives you inner richness. Education is a combination of basic skills, academics, technical discipline, and experiences in life. Many argue that education come from what you learn in the streets. It comes from the people that you interact with on a daily basis and the ones you run into by mistake. Everything has its lessons. Every experience teaches someone something new. There are so many things that books cannot teach you. Some people are considered the smartest of all time because lessons learned from experiences. The movie “Mona Lisa Smile” is a good example of what I feel education is. You can get your education from anywhere.
The movie starts out with the history of Ms. Watson, the new art teacher, and her back round and soul purpose of becoming a teacher, to make a difference. It starts out with a student knocking on the doors of the college chapel, the dean asks, “Who knocks at the door of learning?” The student responds, “I am every woman”, the dean then asks, “What do you seek”, the student replies, “To awaken my spirit through hard work and dedicate my life to knowledge”. To me this is what education is. A way for students to open their minds in order to find the path in life they want to go. Whether you get it from everyday life and trials or through a school. Sometimes it is a combination of both that drives the student in the direction they want to go.
Education can even be found in the home. When family members don’t get along, they work through their problems. This can also be used in book education, for example trying to work out a math problem or ...

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