What Is Education?

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What Is Education What is education? No one can really put one definition on it. Getting an education involves more then just sitting quietly at a desk, listening to someone else telling you what to think. It is making the student able to function normally and successfully in his/her family, community, and his/her world. It gives you inner richness. Education is a combination of basic skills, academics, technical discipline, and experiences in life. Many argue that education come from what you learn in the streets. It comes from the people that you interact with on a daily basis and the ones you run into by mistake. Everything has its lessons. Every experience teaches someone something new. There are so many things that books cannot teach you. Some people are considered the smartest of all time because lessons learned from experiences. The movie “Mona Lisa Smile” is a good example of what I feel education is. You can get your education from anywhere. The movie starts out with the history of Ms. Watson, the new art teacher, and her back round and soul purpose of becoming a teacher, to make a difference. It starts out with a student knocking on the doors of the college chapel, the dean asks, “Who knocks a Continue...

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She helped them find their path in life they wanted for themselves. One teacher makes a comment, "It's not who teaches us but, the fact that we are being taught. I had the responsibility of my sister and brother and guiding them to what path they wanted. These skills will help these kids far more then being able to diagram a sentence. Sometimes it is a combination of both that drives the student in the direction they want to go. It takes patience and self-awareness as a teacher once noted to me. She made a big impact on the girls' lives. Ms Watson did this for the girls at Wesley College. Whether it is an enemy, friend, or a person you may have just met once. She said everything I attempted taught me no matter if I failed it or not. Sidney Poitier's character realizes that the best thing he can do is to get these ready for the real world. Even when I failed at college 11 yrs ago and then again at CLC in 2000, she continued to tell me not to give up to keep on trying. It may not have been what she wanted but what they wanted.


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