How to become a better person

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“How To Become A Better Person” How to become a better person? This is a question often asked by the people who want to have a new life. Some said that to become a better person, you must be true to yourself or you must have a goal in life so that you are directed to do things positively. Others would say if you only have a determination in facing the challenges or trials of life, then definitely you will become a better person. Whatever the ways of becoming a better person, these are only some key ingredients that will eventually lead you to be a better person. Improving yourself is not just merely in your way of dreams or ambitions because in reality, you cannot achieve a certain thing if you do not know who you are, the inner YOU. But before that, you must know your “Supreme Creator,” God the father. Knowing and worshiping God ahead of anything else is the number one key to become a better person because He is the source of all things above this Earth, to the universe and of all knowledge and wisdom that helps and provides us everything. As G. Arthur Keough quoted, “Worship is a recognition of the “worth – ship” of God, that God is worthy of all honor and praise. It sees in Him the all – powerful C Continue...

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We really can't avoid some people have insecurities to other people and that will lead to a self - pity which is very disastrous to happen of a human being because according to Helen Keller, "Self - pity is our worst enemy; and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world. This quotation gives us the idea if you just worship Him, you can obtain happiness in life, which directs us to be a better person. The idea is to extract the hopes or good intentions from your mind and transform them into what can be accomplished. But we really have to do it in order to help ourselves in learning and discovering the things around us. Thus, this can be called a perfect pattern in character or behavior of a human being because it will help you to follow the different aspects of life to be more suitable one. We must always remember not to focus only in our internal side, meaning in our inner world, our self, because it may give us a problem someday in dealing with others. Understanding our inner personality and having goals in life is a hard task to do in each one of us. Instead we should make our positive assertions. By that of being specific, it helps to make your goal measurable. But what is goal actually A goal is an end or objective you want to achieve in life. Some people don't have a positive attitude towards understanding themselves, the people around them and to the world because they convey it to the negative thoughts in a way that they are afraid to try or accepting the reality, criticisms, the truth, their true feelings and their potentials to excel in a certain thing. You need something by which you can evaluate our progress, and tell when you have reached your objective. You should select a reasonable time limit in which you can accomplish your goal and when expressing your goals in words, your goal statements should have active verbs and be complete sentences. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time - bound and action - oriented are the criteria of having a good goal. For instance, you will know that you are weak in acting while good in declamation speech, all you have to do in order to be good in both areas is to balanced each sides like practicing first the acting then the declamation speech.


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