First Day in Class

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First Day in Class It was the first day of my English class not knowing what to expect. From my first step into the door frame of the class, I took a quick glanced at these unfamiliar faces. My instincts lead me to the back of the classroom next to a young lady who had a painted smile on her face. Unexpectedly, a man walked in projecting his voice with instructions facing the class. Without a doubt I know that was my professor. Following the instructions of Dr. Bill Beckles, I meet a circle of new faces. I was introduced to Rosa, Sanjea, Dao and Erica four people with different personalities and characteristics. It was difficult for the four faces sitting in a circular form. To overcome the shy feeling, I introduced myself by stating my first name Odell with a Trinidadian accent. From this my group members knew that I had a Caribbean background. After my first statement my colleagues asked question after question. From the interview my colleagues could have predicted that my approach and view to English is not excited. To me English is a subject I need to pass in order to get my Bachelors in Telecommunication and to pursuit my gold in life. Well to give an insight of my personality, I told my peers my likes and Continue...

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Basically, I like to do anything that involves fun. With an open appetite, Erica could eat anything that tastes good. Without asking the 19year old young lady carry the title Rosa L. She was eighteen-years-old and the oldest out of four girls. As far as her education, she is a sophomore with a Liberal Arts and Science major. was so anxious to introduce herself. Without asking I could have predicted that she had a Spanish background. I know one day he would get pay to draw because he is pursuing a career in Architectural Drawing. Rosa is not interested in cooking and doesn't eat curry or spicy foods. Finally, I am currently employed by the NYPD and exposed to training to become a future officer. He told us that he was born and raised in China. He also indicated that English is his second language and he could speak Kartonese. Rosa told us that she was the oldest out three girls.


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