Option Theory

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Throughout the year there have been many important discoveries as a student that I have made. These discoveries have left a positive impact and should improve my experience here at the Alfred College of Business. The presentation on the Ethical Behavior and Accounting Information showed some important things are good to know. The Prisoner of the Truck presentation by Sarkis was an interesting presentation and I took a lot away from this presentation. Also, the Option Theory as a guide for Lifelong Decision Making was a good presentation and I learned a lot from this as well. The "Ethical Behavior and Accounting Information" presentation by Dan Acton brought up a number of ethical decisions which faced those practicing in the accounting profession as well as those privy to an organization's accounting practices. The framework for ethics consist of the principle of beneficence and the principle of no Continue...

The principle of beneficence consists of how we should act so that our actions lead to an improvement in the quality of life that we live. I believe that there are also many other things that I have learned along the way in this class but these are the few that have made and will in the end have the biggest impact on how I finish my college years here at Alfred University. These principles are very important discoveries that I have came upon in this class. Martin encouraged us in his presentation that we should put the option theory into our everyday thought in order to make informed decisions and benefit from the risk we take. There are so many things that a person must go through to get to top unless you started at the top. When going to this presentation it allowed for me to really realize what I am capable of doing even though I did not come from a very well off family myself. David Martin examined stock options as a financial instrument to help make uncertainty more bearable and manage risk. The principle of no harm consists of how we should act and that our actions should lead to no harm to anyone. The "Prisoner of the Truck" presentation by Fred Sarkis showed me that not only do I need to have drive, determination, self-confidence, and focus, but I also need to possess a strong sense of character and upstanding ethics to be a successful business leader. I can apply Option Theory to any future choice that I make including who I date or marry and even selecting job offers. Finally, the "Option Theory as a Guide for Lifelong Decision Making" by Dr.