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United States and the Soviet Union Cold War

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United States and the Soviet Union Cold War Crisis
After World War II came to an end, the Cold War brought its long lasting emergence to the scene. In the Cold War the two big superpower countries, the United States and the Soviet Union were in constant disagreement about the way the world should be governed, (democracy vs. communist). The United States and their allies helped fight the spread of communism, throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
Events such as the, establishment of the U.S. containment policy, that let the United States become a permanent player in European international relations. In addition to the containment policy was the Truman Doctrine, made by President Truman, in were Truman tried to provide funds to Greece and Turkey because, the British couldn’t afford to fund them anymore. Also the separation of Europe into West bloc and East bloc (NATO and Warsaw Pact group), and how the Cold War was best illustrated by the division of Berlin Wall in 1960, was a massive adjustment to Europe (Lect. #26). Furthermore the scare of the nuclear war brought by, the Cuban Missile Crisis, threatened and scared, the United States of a nuclear attack on are there own soil.
The “cold” –ness, of the Cold War, was a scary time for the world, but mainly for Europeans. I feel the word “cold” resembled a long dark, weary time, were happiness vanished into the night. True pleasure would be hard to come by, living in a world that is on the verge of a nuclear war breakout. At anytime of the day you might be left standing “cold”, because of a nuclear war. I believe that the “cold”, in the Cold War, resembles the dramatic length of the war also. When it is “cold” and wicked outside, for a long period of time, you can start feeling depressed. I think that the World was lost in a phase of depression due to wars, money and the lack of freedom. These factors helped make the layout for the Cold War, which ended wit...

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