Personality Song Traits

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Through music, young people relate their personalities. Establishing personality and being able to match them to songs is easy with how music is so universal. The lyrics to the songs: “The Future Freaks me Out” by Motion City Soundtrack, “It’s Oh so Quiet” by Bjork, and “Smile” by Vitamin C reflect the personality traits of uncertainty, emotional, and happy -go-lucky. The song, “The Future Freaks me Out” by Motion City Soundtrack reflects the personality trait of uncertainty. The line, “Betty can’t quit carving question marks in my wrist...” relates to being inquisitive and asking a lot of questions. The purpose of asking a question is to obtain information for yourself and often relates to uncertainty. The stanza, “We fail to represent, We fail to be content, We fail at everything we ever even try to attempt, And so the story goes, As only Betty knows, It’s time to take control...” is representing how at times you feel your not good enough to achieve on a level you want to. That the present will make your future. The lines, “’s so hard to relate, To the whole human race, I don’t know where to begin, If we can both find a way, To do the things that we say...” refers to how sometimes it Continue...

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In the song, "Smile" by Vitamin C the personality trait happy-go-lucky is shining through. Everyone has a day where they feel like the odd man out. Establishing personality and being able to match them to songs is easy with how music is so universal. To conclude music is a way that young people reflect their personalities. The stanza, "When you wake up in the evening and the day is shot, Find yourself complaining about the things you ain"tmt got, Never goes just the way you want it to, Cliche of the day, c"tmest la vie, that"tms just life, It ain"tmt easy, it"tms so tough, it"tms so easy. The line, "Put a smile on your face, Make the world a better place. Not only are uncertainty, and being emotional characteristics related through music but being happy-go-lucky is also a personality trait expressed through music. " relates to how a smile can be contagious, when you smile you can easily enlighten someone else"tms day. The stanza, "And another thing, You can say I"tmm a dreamer and you think it"tms all cool, Preaching about the better life I learned in school, But you get what you give in this life that we live, And all that you do will come back to you. " relates to how a smile can be contagious, when you smile you can easily enlighten someone else"tms day.


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