Personality Song Traits

             Through music, young people relate their personalities. Establishing personality and being able to match them to songs is easy with how music is so universal. The lyrics to the songs: “The Future Freaks me Out” by Motion City Soundtrack, “It’s Oh so Quiet” by Bjork, and “Smile” by Vitamin C reflect the personality traits of uncertainty, emotional, and happy -go-lucky.
             The song, “The Future Freaks me Out” by Motion City Soundtrack reflects the personality trait of uncertainty. The line, “Betty can’t quit carving question marks in my wrist...” relates to being inquisitive and asking a lot of questions. The purpose of asking a question is to obtain information for yourself and often relates to uncertainty. The stanza, “We fail to represent, We fail to be content, We fail at everything we ever even try to attempt, And so the story goes, As only Betty knows, It’s time to take control...” is representing how at times you feel your not good enough to achieve on a level you want to. That the present will make your future. The lines, “’s so hard to relate, To the whole human race, I don’t know where to begin, If we can both find a way, To do the things that we say...” refers to how sometimes it can be really hard to relate to other people. Everyone has a day where they feel like the odd man out.
             In addition to uncertainty being emotional is a personality trait easily expressed through music. In the song, “It’s Oh so Quiet” an emotional personality is reflected. The lines, “It’s oh so quiet, It’s oh so still, You’re all alone, And so peaceful until...” refer to the still feeling you have right before falling in love, love is uncontrollable and happens when you least expect it. The stanza, “ ‘Til it’s over and then, It’s nice and quiet, But soon again, Starts another big riot...” reflects how love can hurt. The remaining lines, “ You ring the bell, Bim bam, You shout a...

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