Silent Spring's Impact

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Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring definitely captured the spirit of the 1960’s. The title referred to the silence of the various birds and wildlife that were muted by the overuse of pesticides. This book gave the nation a rude awakening towards the dangers of some pesticides, such as DDT. She wanted the world to become aware with the environment in which they lived. Silent Spring was Rachel Carson’s method of voicing her belief that the human race should live in unison with their environment. Instead of focusing on banning the pesticides, she proposed different alternatives for insect removal. Her argument for a positive connection between the earth and humans, in my opinion, is why Silent Spring still rema Continue...

She explained that DDT actually does the opposite of what it is supposed to do: kill bugs. Carson solidifies her argument by providing many "logos. Instead of stating her solution to the problem right away, Carson began the first chapter with a fable about a suddenly blighted town, which could hypothetically be any one of the reader's town. Not only did Carson throw out numbers, but she also provided her readers with a greater sense of realism. synthetic chemical production, and even details about nuclear explosions involving Strontium 90. Not to mention that the storage of DDT costs taxpayers superfluous dollars. Not only did Rachel Carson warn the world about DDT, but she also told the world about the balance that humans must have with their environment. Government has made regulations regarding DDT and other pesticides. For example, Carson began the chapter with an overview of earth's history, then moved on to explain how DDT was then being used, and finally ended with the dire consequences. The main reason Silent Spring became a success was its resemblance more towards a story, rather than a scientific report. Before writing Silent Spring Rachel Carson was already an acclaimed marine biologist, sea and wetlands writer, and was interested in nature since her days on the family farm.