Why does Faustus not repent?

             In Christopher Marlowe’s play, The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Dr. Faustus, the main character, Dr. Faustus, sells his soul to the devil and has the ability to repent to God but does not for a few reasons. One reason Dr. Faustus does not repent to God is because Faustus is so focused on the search for more knowledge and power that he is willing to go to hell just to get it. He does not believe that he can achieve any more knowledge from the conventional way of learning through education and books. Another reason Faustus does not repent is because he is a very gullible person. Throughout the play, Faustus is easily persuaded to do anything. Mephistophilis, one of the devils that convinces Faustus to sell his soul, promises Faustus a knowledge and power that no man could experience regularly. Faustus believes this and furthermore sells his soul to the devil. In the scenes with the Good Angel and the Bad Angel, Faustus is told that he could repent and be saved by God, but the Bad Angel always leaves off with the idea that it is too late, he cannot be saved. One of the last reasons Faustus does not repent is because he is unable to. Faustus used all of his great intelligence and power that he received from selling his soul to the devil for meaningless immature jokes and thrills. This use of his power weakened his ability to make the though choice of repenting to God. Because of these reasons, he is condemned to hell at the moment of his death.
             During the last hour of Faustus’s life, he knew that he still had the ability to repent to God and be saved, but he did not. Faustus knew that all he had to do was ask for mercy and forgiveness. He remained loyal to Lucifer, known as Satan or the main devil in this play, because he really did not know any better. He was supposed to gain knowledge by selling his soul to the devil while in fact he was really loosing knowledge as time went by. At the moment of Faustus’s death, h...

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