Should spanking children be considered child abuse
             Your walking around Target and you notice a family whose kids are acting way out of line. Screaming, yelling, and running all around the store. They are so loud you can’t stand it. This is what happens when parents neglect to discipline there kids. I believe kids learn better from being spanked then from timeouts or yelling at them. I believe you should set strict boundaries fr your children. You should also spank your child because they remember the pain from being spanked. My personal experiences prove to me that spanking is an effective way to discipline.
             Children aren’t born knowing right from wrong. So as good parents we must set boundaries for you children. Without rules kids will act out of line. How can you set boundaries might you ask? You shouldn’t have to yell and yell at the kid, count to three. If that does not work then give your kid a timeout because sometimes that is all they need. But if that does not work then you should spank your child. You should start disciplining at an early age. Don’t just teach your kid right from wrong. Teach them values, morals, and manners, not just right from wrong.
             I believe that timeouts are not as affective as spanking kids. Don’t get me wrong, not all kids need to be spanked. But if a child does not respond to a timeout then you should spank them. A young child will remember the pain of being spanked and they will be afraid to misbehave. I’m not saying to go and give your child a black eye. Just give them a simple slap on the butt. A child isn’t afraid of a timeout. What is a timeout anyway? You tell a kid to go to there room and what do they do? They play with toys. But if you were spank them then they feel pain. This will scare them. They will think twice before being bad.
             My personal experiences prove to me that spanking is the most affective way to discipline your children. It worked for me. As a young ...

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