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The Story of an Hour

KATE CHOPIN After reading this story, I was amazed at how twisted it was. Don’t get me wrong though. It was a very interesting story, but it had unexpected circumstances. The reason I felt the circumstances in this story were unexpected is because when ever you read a book or watch a movie, you can basically predict how it will turn out. This story on the other hand was unpredictable. In the beginning of the story I felt sympathetic towards Mrs. Mallard. The reason was because her husband died and on top of it she had a heart problem. I thought she was going to hear this bad news and get a heart attack right after. She didn’t get a heart attack though. Instead something completely different and unexpected took place. After reading on into the story I started to realize that she wasn’t weeping because her husband was dead, but because she was now “Free, free, free”, (as Mrs. Mallard put it). This is where the twist in the story came along. Mrs. Mallard desired for freedom. She felt that her husband was a kind man but he controlled her and she resented him for that. So she felt that this was her time to take her life back in to her hands and live it the way she wanted to. At the end of the story was where the most shocking twist took place. Her husband was not dead he was alive. With this, she did get a heart attack and die. Not because of shock, but despair. Any chance of happiness was taken right back from her. She just couldn’t deal with the fact of living the rest of her life controlled....

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