The first bicycle in my life

             In every one’s life, the first time when he knows how to ride a bicycle, a motorbike or drive a car is an unforgettable and interesting moment in his life. However, possessing an own vehicle the first time in life is the more important and particular time. My first bicycle was very meaningful to me in my whole life.
             The bicycle was my closet and kindest friend. Everyday, it took me to school and home after school. It helped me go every where I wanted, even to all remote places I went. For example, when I wanted to go shopping, went out with friends, and went camping ect. Moreover, it never got angry with me or did any harmful to me. Whereas, it was always side by side with me at the moment I really needed and helped me out whenever I was in low spirit or trouble. For instance, it was the first one madw me forget unhappy things when it took me around the streets. Besides, it also helpwd me become healthier because I rode it everyday. According to the health study, cycling is the best way to have a good body and health as well.
             The bicycle was not only my best friend but also a worthy present that I respect mostly. When I was turning 12 years old, I won an honor prize in Ho Chi Mink city’s best student contestant. It was the happy moment in my life, but the moment my parents awarded me a brand new bicycle was the most wonderful time. To me, it was really the big present at that time. It marked the unforgettable memory in my life. The new bicycle is not only a deserved present with my attempt but also the motivation helps me try more to go further in my studying.
             The most remarkable thing why my bicycle is meaningful to me is that it reminds me my parents’ unbounded love. At that time, my family was too poor to have a sufficient meals everyday. My parents tried to work hard, even work over time to save enough money to buy me the bicycle. My dad worked seven days a week and did not come home u

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