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“The Sick Rose” A rose symbolizes all that is beautiful in nature and in God’s eyes, but all that gives off life must come to an end. According to William Blake, a rose is precious, but needs to be nurtured. William Blake’s use of the written word “Rose” in his poem is capitalized, not for beginning one of his short and brief lines, but instead to capture the reader’s eye on the word “Rose” and the image itself (William Blake, line 1). With that image, what other rose can be envisioned none other than a red “crimson” rose (line6)? The imagery that I have depicted from this rose is seeing nothing but a deep sultry red, bright enough that it stands out to all that flies and lurks through the night. Yet behind its beauty and appeal, its sickness which has overtaken this rose’s veins appeals to a darker being enthralled by its slow and wilting death. Seeing or hearing the word sickness we are drawn to the word death and its dark unwelcoming claws. Sickness is a small beginning stage of death; it comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, a human being can become deathly ill once bitten Continue...

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Everything to an insect's point of view is larger as well as sound projection being louder. Under ground the worm catches the true glimpse of the rose's heart and how much longer its life upholds. Instead it is slithering under and over the dark soil, lurking and hunting its prey. In this case, the worm must have known what it was looking for, whether it had caught a particular scent or heard cries shrieking through the night sky. When one is sick or simply not feeling well, we whine and cry, waiting for someone to wait upon us to end our suffering through comfort. by a poisonous snake, and in the rose's perspective it too can become ill as soon as its life force and essence are taken over by "the invisible worm (line 2). Unfortunately, the comfort which the rose cries for is not what descends to its rescue. As the worm "flies in the night, it doesn't necessarily mean the worm has wings (line 3). As continuously doing so, the worm experiences a sinister joy that only a murderer and rapist would feel. However, for anything to wander through the night they must be up to no good. Simply visioning the worm prowling along side of the sick rose during the night, I have come to realize that the worm's storm is its own interpretation of the thorns it has to get by in order to reach the sick rose. The rose's thorns' interweave between each other and although to the touch it may be risky and unsafe, the thorns appear as one of nature's own sculpture. The understanding I manage to catch from the second part of "The Sick Rose seems as if the worm is a stalker with intentional and earthy purposes for the sick rose. In this case, Blake mentions that during the night, a "howling storm occurs (line 4). Nevertheless, it is the rose who is "howling in the night's storm (line 4).


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