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My Bedroom My bed is the center of my universe. It is a queen size sleigh bed that has dark blue sheets covering a pillow top mattress, a dark blue fuzzy blanket that smells of dryer sheets and 6 pillows of assorted shades of blue. My bed sits on beige carpet that covers the whole room. To the left is a closet, full of my wife’s clothing, and a computer desk with an eMachine computer, a Lexmark printer, Altec Lansing speakers, CDRs, and television on it. The television is a nineteen inch Orion with a black case. On top to the television is three pictures of my two sons. The pictures are of when they were small. In one Kevin is playing with a balloon, the middle picture is of my son Casey sleeping and the last picture is of Kevin sleeping in an Elmo cha Continue...

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Then you move down to see a bunch of DVDs. Next to the computer desk there is a filing cabinet with a Playstation, a cable box and a bill filer full of CDs and floppy disks on top of it. It has one window and in that window is a pillar set of candles and another bowl of potpourri. The clothes in the closet include long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, suites, ties, pants and shoes. There is a small blue trash can next to the toilet. ir holding a remote control for the Playstation. There are hundreds of different titles that you see but you don"tmt have time to read all of them. Then you look to your right and you see a walk in closet with chester drawers and a whole lot of clothes. Outside of the bathroom is the entrance to the room. Next the window is the bathtub which is covered by a dark blue shower curtain with a sun type design. The window is covered by off white satin curtains with green ivy across the top of it. It also has an alarm clock and four candles, and a glass bowl of potpourri on top of it.


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