Influence of Culture on growth of an individual

             Culture defines its people because each culture is different, and the people within them act differently based on the growth of a culture. The development of a culture changes as does its people because they are what make the culture unique. In order for a culture to survive, it’s people must carry on its unique qualities and therefore children are taught the ways of the culture, and how to behave and act to be part of it. This is where the influence of culture on the growth and development of an individual take place.
             An individual within any culture grows to know about their culture, such as the types of food they eat, the clothing, their religion, what ever qualities that culture holds will be bestowed upon the child, teen, or adult of that culture. They will grow to adapt to what they are offered and what the culture depends on. An individual will learn about religion through either his parents, or school, or a church. He or she will then be taught what to believe in, what morals the individual should learn to respect, and how to behave to the people around him. Religion is a big aspect of culture, which will have major affects on an individual. Each culture can worship a god, many gods, or no gods depending on the culture and the faith each person holds. Everyone is taught who to worship at a young age by the family he or she is being raised. The individual takes part in any religious practice to become a part of it and to be a part of the people around him. He then grows up to think for himself and question religion and the whole idea of faith, but has grown to know what religion he belongs to and to decide whether or not to follow it. Morals are also taught to an individual through family, friends, religion or the community within the culture. The person grows up to know what actions are right or wrong in any given situation and is taught how to behave around others. Food within a culture is an influence on an individual be...

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