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Center for Young Children Observation Report On February 23, 2005, I visited the Center for Young Children at the University of Maryland. During this visit, I gained vast amounts of knowledge about different aspects of a young child’s classroom environment. During my visit to the Center for Young Children, I observed a classroom of approximately fifteen children ranging in ages from about four to six. The classroom that I observed was not really diverse. There were mainly Whites and a few Asian children. There were no Blacks, Hispanics, or Indian children in the classroom that I observed. The classroom that I observed was known as the Green Room. In the classroom were three adults supervising the children. One adult was sitting on the floor with about three other children reading aloud to them. Another adult was sitting at a table doing arts and crafts with children, and the other adult was walking around helping out wherever she could. All of these activities going on are ways that the children were occupying themselves, and in essence, learning. During my observation, I realized that there are many different ways that children learn. The most obvious way is through lecture, or just being told about something. But for chil Continue...

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In this area were different things that children could dress up in or put on. The literacy area was a combination of bookshelves and puzzles. Visiting the Center for Young Children was definitely a learning experience. This classroom had many visual aids around it. In this area were building blocks where the children could build different things using blocks. There were also many visual aids posted throughout the classroom. I'm not sure if they have a special time for when they visit the mathematics section, but I only noticed about two children visit that section the entire time I was there. Having visuals as a part of the learning system in a classroom is very important. All of these areas were labeled and at eye-level in the classroom. This is where children can play dress-up and put on puppet shows or act put different characters. The children know when feeding time is for the gerbil. The last two areas in the classroom were the mathematics area and the science area. This is very important to show children actions and not just words. From what I could see, the literacy area had housed age-appropriate books for the children and it was also at their level of reach. While observing the Green Room classroom at the Center for Young Children, I also realized the importance of being very attentive to young children.


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