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Sex education should be taught in primary school

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Which factor matter most to teens dividing whether to become sexuality activity? Peer pressure? Media imagine? Education? Religious background? A new research suggests that parents may have the most influence of all. The problem is many parents never received solid sex education as children, so they do not know how to teach their own children. Some parents instinctively sense that they have not built strong relationship with their children. When the time to broach about sex, they are uncomfortable because they know that the foundation is not there. The way of parents to guide their children regarding personal sex problem, either mentally or physically is through taught sex education in primary school. Children is much easier to accept a fact then a teen, so that sex education should be taught in primary school so that the children are clearly understood what is about sex since they are still young.
Human come to this world with full of curiosity. For sure, children also have the curiosity. This curiosity not only sex, but also about thing that they see and what they feel. When a child is two years old, they will feel that their excrement is interesting. This is general phenomenon. After a young child piss, he or she will take a branch to play over it. They never feel that it is smelly, ugly, but they will proud with the activities that they are doing. When this situation happen, normally their parents will scold at the child and stop them from continue playing with the urine. Our sex organs are closely related with our excrement. Parent’s rude attitude will make the child afraid of them. Beside that, it will also make their child hate their body and their excrement. It may make them face the psychology barriers. Their child will never abandon to explore about sex, they will get rid of their parents to do their right. The children never get the right information about their excrement and their body. If their curiosity and question ne...

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