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Alec Derwent was one of Australia’s greatest poets, who touched the lives of many throughout the world. Within the 7 stanzas of “Australia”, A.D hope gives us a very negative one-sided approach to the poem. His poetry explores the spiritual poverty of our land. He insinuates that it takes so much to survive which has prevented Australians from reflecting upon their journey through life. A.D hope is looking down on Australia and our way of life. The sombre images of ‘ a nation of trees, drab green and desolate grey’ indicate that Australia is a monotonous and dreary place. Each stanza consists of four lines with the rhyme scheme being ABBA. Little enjambment Continue...

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'a women beyond her change in life, a breast still tender but within the womb is dry Refers to the fact that Australia is empty the inability to bear children, being infertile a change of life insinuates or implies menopause meaning baron and the land being empty. drab green and desolate grey' ' Her rivers of water down among inland sands' 'Floods her monotonous tribes from Cairns to Perth. Australia is Hope's criticism of general Australian society and the country itself. exists in the poem; most of the stanzas stand alone as paragraphed. The tone is mocking Australian culture, our history, our land and they way we live our life. The dark colours portray the insipidness of the landscape. He uses derogatory remarks about Australia by calling us 'second hand Europeans' referring us to second-class citizens. D Hope uses this metaphor to give the concrete reality that Australia does have human qualities an abstract idea. The poem is reflecting on Australia by how it is both a new and old country, geographically old but politically new, and how it is both European colonial and naturally individual.


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