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Language is a common thread between people, animals, and technology in a community or a particular nation. Being universally understood is central to the communication and way of life of people in a nation. Without a common language there could be no communication between the citizens of that nation. Further more, things could be chaotic without language. For example, imagine a stop sign without the word stop. In our nation, there would be no constitution. Our body of laws would not exist without a common language. Contracts that are so necessary for commerce in our nation coul Continue...

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Travel would be impossible without using a common language. A nation needs language as a set principal; so that communication is understood. Computer programs have to be formatted to a common language for communication. Clear instructions could not be given or received without using a common language. d not be signed, which in turn would result in no goods or services produced in our nation. In order for the World Wide Web to operate, language has to be common for computer interaction. Software must have a common format or command in order to be used. Lastly, the blind are able to communicate in their own language through Braille, which helps them interact within society. As for technology and computers there needs to be a set command or language for there to be communication. Without this language, the blind wouldn"tmt know which bathroom door to go into in a public environment. Braille is essentially a language for the blind many signs can be seen giving instructions to the visual impaired. Mother cows can call their cans by mooing. In general even animals communicate by using their language. For example, the bugling of a Bull Elk signals the rutting season.


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