To Kill a Mockingbird on racism

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For many centuries there has been hatred in society. A strong detestation that is still identified with to this current day is racial discrimination and prejudice. Although much progress has been established there is still evident signs that racism still occurs. In the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, and in the movie Mississippi Burning it can draw out the statement “ Prejudice and racism blind people from the truth.” To further expand on this statement it can be seen in the book as well as the movie that the south is very ignorant towards outsiders, the whites prejudge the blacks, and that children are brought up to be racist by their parents. These points are all clear as a part of the storyline in both the movie and the book. Firstly the south is very ignorant to outsiders. This is very true especially when it comes to black people. The south was the first slavery place in America and when the blacks were freed from slavery the south wasn’t too impressed. The southern view on anything but whites isn’t much of a fair view. In the movie Mississippi burning there is strong imagery right form the begging of the film showing burning houses and hatred for blacks and those who support the black population. Continue...

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That was the southern attitude but we can see through Atticus's behavior that some southern folk can be opinionated and think different then what others believe. This was the issue with Atticus Finch in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus is a lawyer who happens to feel that everyone should get a fair trial. Throughout the movie it is shown that black children are being taken and beaten some cases killed as well as the whites burning the houses of the blacks. The police would not tend to the blacks getting hurt because the police were racist themselves. It only becomes truly evident about racism in the book when Tim Robinson is accused of raping Mrs. They consisted of local men who wore all white robes with white masks and they called themselves the Ku Klux Klan or KKK for short. The disgust for blacks in the south was so strong that even a white person would be looked down upon just for defending a black in a court case. In the book to kill a mocking bird the black's re also discriminated against by most of the people in Maycomb County. Atticus in the book believes strongly that blacks and whites are equal and should be treated that way. Both of these stories take place in the south of America, which proves that in the south they do not show any kindness whatsoever to anyone but there "own. The people in the clan were the people who despised the blacks the most and wanted them all gone out of Mississippi or dead. In the movie a young boy is beaten up badly by a couple of blacks, and when the detectives go to ask why they won't take it to the police it was because the blacks were aware that if they did this not only would they probably be accused of wrong doing themselves but the whites would come for them again possibly doing more damage to them.


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