Descriptive essay on five senses

             Have you ever come across a particular scent and thought about a certain person or place? This specific experience happens frequently in my life. I smell cigar and peppermint and think of Christmas with my Boo Pa, sitting on the front porch and staring out at the starry night sky that looked as if a thousand little ants with lights were crawling around in a dark puddle. It is quite a fond memory to my sisters and I. Maybe even one of the only few I remember.
             One even fonder is that of my grandmother’s old house. The smell of moth balls and air freshener. As bizarre and different as that sounds, it is one of my all time favorite smells. It is crisp, yet homey and warm. At this point in my life, it is one of the only childhood memories I am able to recollect. The person that comes to mind when I smell this scent in my own life even now is my grandfather. He passed ten years ago. The smell is really the only memory I have left of him; that and the pictures. Neither really does him justice. The man was great to me. He was an amazing human being who blessed everyone with his presence. You know the type I’m sure. I have heard stories of how he would sing in church on Sunday mornings and leave people with great memories. Even now when I go and visit Moody Leon, a small church with forty members and a kitchen behind the entry doors of the small sanctuary, I am told how he blessed people. They each describe their experience. Some say it was like a bird, and others say like a lullaby. I myself only have an old tape to give my own perspective. Sitting here in my room and listening while lying on my bed, it gives me an interesting thought. Pure spirit is what comes out. My grandfather’s heart is put into every phrase of the song, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow.” It is indeed spiritual. The word wow comes deeply to mind. Tears are rolling down my eyes and drop softly and slowly on my gray hooded sweater. To be honest, I have never had the ...

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