Helen by Edgar Allen Poe vs. Helen by H.D.

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Edgar Allan Poe writes about Helen from a place of love and admire. He livens her to a Naiad, or water nymph and personifies her as the human soul who married Cupid, the god of love. Poe respects her and praises her beauty, dictating that her beauty draws people to Greece and Rome, and that her love makes the land holy. The imagry of her face and features create a picture in the reader's mind of a woman that is noble, wholesome, and kind. Poe's tone is respectful but admiring and praising of Helen. He livens Helen to Greece, making them seem dependent on one another. On the contrary, H.D. writes about Helen in a scornful and anary way. She writes that "All Greece hates/reviles/sees..." in a way that makes the reader feel that Greece blames Helen for the Trojan War, her beauty the sole cause. It's almost as though the author is jealous of Helen, be it her beauty or her effect on the people of Greece. The Continue...

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Her tone is very criticizing and hurtful of Helen. Though both poems incorporate love, Poe's is out of love for a woman, Helen. condems it, a deeper meaning could be lost in the diction of the peoms. speak of Helen's beauty, though Poe praises it and H. Historically, Paris abducted Helen and was drawn to her by her beauty. " or the Trojan war would never have happened. Poe's poem represents the newer mindset, H. The reader's response to the open criticism of Helen is to imagine her as an ugly woman, one that despite her beauty and because of her beauty, she is marked. implies tgat if she were not as beautiful as she was the ". Although the war was over Helen, the Greek people probably did feel angry that something as simple as beauty could have started a war.


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