A good plant gone bad

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The United States, with one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world it should come as no surprise that we also have one of the most diverse asorments of medical treatments in the world. In the U.S. you can find the most sophisticated western medicine and also some of the oldest alternative medicines. These so called alternative medicines have become more common in recent years. A nationwide study found that a surprising 34% of all Americans have tried alternative treatments. Now days it is hard to call these treatments alternative because they have become so mainstream. One of the most commonly used alternative medications is marijuana. Marijuana’s medical use dates back for several centuries and continues to be used by patients suffering from cancer, HIV, and acute pain. The question, however, still remains, is marijuana a safe and effective drug? While marijuana was historically used for medical purposes today marijuana is generally used for recreational purposes. The transition from medical to recreational occurred in the early 1900’s as other medicines were discovered which had superior effectiveness. As the recreational use of marijuana continues to rise and as medical marijuana again enters the Continue...

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More than 71 million Americans have tried it (Alexander). 2-3 percent of High School students use marijuana on a daily basis and nearly 70 percent have used it in the last three months (Macintosh). Marijuana is being abuse by millions of people in this country many of which believe it has no ill effects or even believe it is beneficial to their health. I believe the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages of smoking marijuana. Today"tms marijuana is also much more addictive. I do believe that marijuana can relive pain and other minor ailments, for any substance with a euphoric effect like marijuana is bound to take one"tms mind off their aches and pains. It is also believed that marijuana relieves symptoms associated with HIV and Cancer. Also, that fact that marijuana has been used for centuries as a medicine supports the fact that it has medicinal value. The fact is that today"tms marijuana is much different than marijuana of past centuries or even marijuana present 40 years ago. Marijuana is currently the most used illegal drug in America. It is a synthetic version of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). These facts are un-fortunate not only because of the countless health risks attributed with smoking marijuana but also because marijuana is a gateway drug to potentially more dangerous drugs. Currently the short-term effects of smoking marijuana include decreased coordination, forgetfulness, and reduced concentration. THC is one of the hundreds of chemicals found in today"tms marijuana. What"tms the point of taking a drug that may ease the pain for a short time but just ends up causing countless damage to the mind and body in the long run.


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