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Tell me who’ s your friend and I’ll tell you who you are Birds of a feather flock together Opposites attract Many sayings and truisms about interpersonal relations indicate that relations play a very important part in societies and concerns about partner selection are a vital factor in everyday lives of humans. So it is not surprising that scientific research turned to this topic to examine it in detail. This essay will concentrate on the factors that are responsible for leading a person to choose a partner for “life”. It will discuss whether the traditional proverb “opposites attract” plays a role in mate selection and whether it can be supported by scientific research. A study of Diane Felmlee & Heather Flynn asked 201 male and female adults why their relationships with their previous partner broke up. The majority said that they were too different and that things, which they were attracted to at the beginning turned into a factor they could not put up with (Felmlee & Flynn, 2004). Felmlee did a similar study at the University of California were she asked 301 students why their previous relationships did not work out. 88 students said that they were attracted to things in their partners, which were so d Continue...

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Tony Ammeter who is doing studies on how to create teamwork to make it more efficient and effective, found out that different people get along better and faster than those who are alike (Ammeter, 2001). In every culture women tend to look more on men's earning capacity and men tend to look more on a women's physical appearance (Buss et. First they were asked about qualities their partner should have and then they were asked to rate themselves on the above named qualities. Males and females do not necessarily look at the same qualities when they choose a partner. This however, is not in congruence with other studies. According to this model human beings seek expansion in a close relationship, which means that if a partner has different personality traits and interests, this would complement the personality and interests of the other (Aron, A. David Perrett asked 30 students to look at pictures of faces and choose faces, which they prefer over the others. An assessment of 291 couples married less than a year showed similar results. When it comes to teamwork, however, people tend to mistrust and feel suspicious about colleagues who come from a similar job background. The Positive Assortative Theory, which is an evolutionary theory, supports the view that the proverb "opposites attract does not work between two people. However the results suggest that opposites might detract a happy long-term relationship but they can play a role when it comes to first attractions (Luo Klohnen, 1998). People look for similarities in many characteristics and interests. Buston and Emlen (2003) say that people in western societies are rather following a "likes- attract rule when they choose their long-term partners.


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