Road Safety

             There are many major causes of death of persons 15 to 24 years of age. From statistical figures we can see that motor vehicle accidents are probably the highest factor of deaths from persons aged 15 to 24. There are a number of causes of motor vehicle accidents that lead to death. In the Penrith District there are current strategies to reduce motor vehicle accidents and fatalities with new and possibly better strategies on their way. From the many causes of death for persons aged 15 to 24, motor vehicle accidents are one of the major factors.
             There are lots of major causes of death concerning persons aged 15 to 24. The main group of causes can be put under the name external causes, meaning deaths having environmental causes that lead to injury, poisoning and other situations. The most common external causes of death are transport accidents (motor vehicle accidents), intentional self - harm or suicide, poisoning, falls, and drowning. There are other causes of death for persons aged 15 to 24 such as, unintentional accidents, harm inflicted by another (assault), medical causes, obesity, alcohol and drug related, violence related and fire related causes. There are a number of causes of death for persons 15 to 24 years of age.
             There are many statistical figures relating to causes of death for persons aged 15 to 24. Statistics concerning external causes between 1998 and 2002 from 5, 589 deaths 59% were females and 75% were males. This statistic can be broken down into specific causes through percentage and number of deaths such as, suicide 22% (81% of these suicides were males), poisoning – females 161 deaths/males 457 deaths, drowning – females 22 deaths/males 125 deaths, falls 94 deaths (77 of these were males), assault 3% and transport accidents 31%. For the other causes of death mentioned from 1996 statistics with a rate per 10, 000 population medical causes were 0.19%, harm inflicted by another 2.02%, intentional harm 15

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