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Living two different life styles is not easy but it is a big experience of my life. From this experience, I have learned much the reality of life and which has made me strong from my heart. I lived in India for 14 years since the day I was born. The change in my life began when I moved to America. The first problem I faced was lack of English knowledge, but first two years of school had a big impact on my life with unforgettable experiences. Difference in culture, religion, and festivals helped me learn more stuff. Coming to United States had made me strong facing the problem, and gave me some freedom. When I came to America, I gave 100 percent of my attention into learning English. I knew only alphabets and greetings when I lived in India. I remember applying for English tutoring classes, in India, but didn’t make it through because I could not say simple sentence like, “Open the curtain.” I asked my self a question, “How and when will I learn English?” However, before I knew, I could talk, read, and write in English because of the hard work that I put into learning English. I tried talking with my cousins in English, and they helped me correct my mistakes. I studied very hard and spent so much time to get Continue...

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However, I have lost my friends and family from India. In 11th and 12th grade year we further study in the field we choose. I was scared to meet new people and see their reaction toward me. We are not taught say "sorry, thank you, or excuse me" all the time. I learned about multiple-choice tests when I started school in America. I have learned to be more formal and use three magic words like thank you, sorry, and excuse me. From very young age, girls learn how to cook, clean, and handle house. I was afraid that people would make fun of my Indian clothes. I have gained the knowledge of languages. The first day of school in America was exciting and scary. One test consists of 10 to 12 chapters. When a person bumps into someone or one-person does favor to another then heshe does not have to be very formal by saying sorry, or thank you. Therefore, coming to America has increased my knowledge of learning new languages like English and Spanish. In high school, only two tests are set per year and one final exam.


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